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Cosmetic dentist Encino

Different people have different smiles and different gums and in some cases, there will be more gum than teeth in a person's mouth. For those who actually have more gum than teeth, dentistry can help them with that and offer them a brand new smile.


Do people need to have healthy gums in order to have Cosmetic Dentistry?


Patients who have more gum than teeth should talk to their dentist about performing a gum lift at a dentistry in their area. The dentist will examine the state of the patient's gums and if they are inflamed or red, the procedure will be postponed until the gums will get back to their healthy, normal state. Only then will the dentist will start any work on them.


A common problem people are dealing with is the way the tops of the teeth are surrounded by some of the gums which cause the distortion. When this problem is solved, the patient's smile will improve considerably. Yet there are also situations when this type of dentistry just cannot do enough and in this case, some deep Cosmetic Dentistry is considered (the bone at the front of the root will be reduced).


For some people it can sound like it's a painful and uncomfortable procedure, but because anesthetics are used, patients will feel no pain (there are no needles involved). The dentist's experience is important here, as it will dictate the way the entire procedure will run. If done right, reducing the bone is a simple procedure. With an improved smile, the whole facial appearance of a person will be changed helping her feel more confident and attractive. These are actually the results of Cosmetic Dentistry: to restore or enhance a patient's positive feelings about himself.


Selecting the right professional


1. When selecting a cosmetic dentist people will first of all need to check whether he is certified in their state and if he also has proper training and credentials. For any malpractice cases against the dentist, people will need to check with the local court or clerk. Also, people should ask about the experience he has and if he has performed in the past the procedure they want done.


2. If people can, it's recommended they will talk to the former patients that have had the same procedure as them done by the same dentist. They should ask them for before and after photos in order to make a good comparison. If the dentist cannot show people any pictures, they should just ask why and see another dentist if they're not overall satisfied with the answers.


3. Individuals will at this point need to visit the dentist for their initial consultation and the good news is that with the majority of dentists out there, they will not have to pay for their first visit. People should ask as many questions as they have, discuss expectations, costs and also procedures on their first visit. If they don't really feel comfortable talking to this dentist, just go with another one. Lastly, when visiting a dentistry people should ask the dentist about the details involved in the procedure, financing options, the number of treatments required and about follow-up care.


Going with the services of Dr. Josef Mamaliger and Dr. Vadim Lebovich people can expect only the best quality results, as he has many years of experience in many dental procedures. With his professionalism, high tech equipment and friendly staff, people are assured of quality work.