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Crowns – Done in 1 day

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A smile is a beautiful gift to bestow on another person. It is meaningful too. It breaks ice, it welcomes, says sorry, sends a greeting and bids goodbye. How sad it is therefore to have to avoiding to smiling because one is embarrassed about the state of their teeth. Fortunately, this is a problem that can be taken care of and all in a day thanks to crowns that are done in a day.

Also referred to as immediate or temporary crowns, they are put in as soon as the natural teeth are removed. There is no waiting period in between. One advantage they offer is that there is no time spent living on liquids and mushy foods waiting after the natural teeth are out.


Prior planning must be done so that the crowns can be put in immediately after bad teeth are removed. Measurements of the head and facial structure are taken as well those of the inner mouth. This is to get the right size and shape of the crowns that will be put in.


When that is done, together with the dentist, a patient chooses the crowns they want. They can be all white ones or they can have more natural shades. A computer is used to do this so that the final outcome can be seen and so that the dentures can be customized to suit the face of a patient and their preferences. The customized crowns are then made at a lab. When they are ready, the natural teeth that need to come out are removed. Without delay and while there is bleeding from the sockets, the manufactures are affixed and cemented. As the gums heal over time, the swelling diminishes. Sometimes, the new dentures may get out of position slightly and they may have to be eased back.


Same day dentures make it the process less painful because there is no need to again have to endure the pain of having the new ones inserted. Everything is done at once. Additionally, desorption is minimized when the dentures are placed over the bone like ridge. Pressure applied on the bone tissue encourages more bone to be produced which hastens healing.


If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then a smile is the way to open up the windows of another. If yours is rarely seen because of the state of your teeth, get them taken care of and come out with a smile you will be happy to show the very same day.


To get the desired results, it is important to choose a dentist who has the credentials and experience to do the work properly. Otherwise, you will end up with new crowns that give you as many problems as the ones you had taken out.


Dr. Josef Mamaliger and Dr. Vadim Lebovich have built a stellar reputation as one of the best dentists. The have changed the smile of many in the area with patients coming from beyond the locality to seek his services. He has also worked on celebrities and prominent people. They are a member of several dental associations in the area and has headed a number of them. If you want to be sure you will leave a dental clinic with a new smile the same day with crowns that are done in a day, then this is the dentist to see.