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Dental implant Encino

When people experience loss of tooth, they may want to consider about having dental implants procedure. The implant procedure is basically placing artificial root of tooth into the jaw so the object can hold the new bridge or tooth firmly. There are many reasons why people can lose tooth or teeth. They may be involved in accident, they suffer from certain injury, or they may suffer from periodontal issues.


People who experience tooth loss can benefit greatly from such dental implants. If they have difficulty in chewing or talking, this procedure can help them a lot. Most people suffer from confidence issue since teeth are important part of their appearance. Missing a tooth will greatly affect them. The dental procedure can generally:

– Replace the tooth (or teeth) without affecting other teeth or the bordering teeth.

– Provide strong and solid support for the new denture so it will feel comfortable and also safe.

– Support the bridge of the teeth and get rid of the requirements for any removable denture.


So, what are the advantages of the dental implants, anyway? First of all, the procedure offers better look. The aesthetic aspect makes the new tooth feels natural and real, as if the tooth were a part of the real denture. The procedure will integrate directly to the bone structure so it can prevent any gum recession or bone loss. The procedure also looks real so other people won't be able to tell if someone just gets the implant treatment.

– It is a tooth saving procedure. Since the procedure doesn't rely on the neighboring teeth, the other teeth won't be harmed or damaged.

– It is good for people's confidence level since they can improve their look without looking fake or abnormal.

– The procedure is also considered highly reliable and safe since the rate of success is usually high. Most procedures are always working well.

There are different types of dental implants with different types of procedures. When people want to have such procedure, they need to know for sure which one is beneficial and suitable for their needs.

– The endosteal procedure. This procedure is also called 'in the bone' procedure because there are medial items that would be placed right into the jawbone with the help of surgical method. The dentists would place cylinders, blades, or screws into the bones so they can support the new prosthetic tooth. People with removable denture or bridges will likely get this type of treatment.

– The subperiosteal procedure. It is called as 'on the bone' procedure as the dentists would place the support on the top side of the jaw with the help of framework post made of metal that protrudes through the patients' gum. People with very minimal bone height and those unable to use conventional and regular dentures will likely get this treatment.


People who want to have the dental implants procedures need to have good health, especially concerning the oral health. They also need to have strong and solid jaw bones so the treatment can be successful. If they want to get the best treatment or more information about the procedure, they can contact Dr.Josef Mamaliger and Dr. Vadim Lebovich, one of the best experts in the field.