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Dentures are considered by people who want to improve the aesthetics of their teeth and at the same time protect them. The fact is that during the procedure the patients might feel a little discomfort, as it involves shaping the teeth and grinding them, but in this case they can go with sedation dentistry and not feel any pains.


Preparing the patient's mouth


In order for patients to get dentures they will first of all need to have their mouth prepared. The dentist will decide what teeth remain and which ones will go out and if the remaining teeth will need some work before making the patient's mouth cast.

The rough cast

After being prepared, a cast of the patient's mouth will be made. People can choose to have an upper, lower or full cast taken, depending on their dental problems. The dentist will fill a take a tray shaped like a palate or a jaw and fill it with a plaster compound that sets fast and eventually slip it into the place in the patient's mouth. It will be left there until it will firm up and then removed.


A finer casting


The rough cast is going to be used in order to create another more precise cast, which eventually will be used in order to make the mold for the fitting denture.


Can dentures be cosmetic?


A combination of porcelain in some cases and generally metal, resins and acrylics will be used by the prosthetic an in order to create the final denture. If the patient has any problems with it, it will be retuned until it works as intended. The good news is that dentures resemble a natural look very well and it's one of the main reasons to why people choose to go with them, especially those on a lower budget.


Denture care

It's important that individuals who have gotten dentures to also make sure they will care for them properly. The American Dentists Association recommends that individuals will rinse their dentures with cool water at least once per day in order to help with loosening or removing food particles. This is something they can easily perform at night, right before they brush their teeth.


Brushing is also very important and the American Dentists Association recommends individuals will use soft brushes and of course, a specially formulated denture cleanser at least once per day. What this does is that it will help with preventing plaque and bacteria from forming on the dentures.


The American Dentists Association also recommends individuals will use a special denture cleanser, but it seems that a mild hand soap will also do the trick. More to that, when individuals will want to remove their dentures, they should soak them in a specialized denture cleanser or in water. If they are left to dry out, they can become misshapen.


Lastly, everyone who needs dentures should get in touch with Dr Josef Mamaliger and Dr. Vadim Lebovich. Having many years of experience in his dental career and using only the latest dental techniques and equipment, they certainly will output the best results for his patients!