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Endodontic Care for better looking teeth.


Endodontic Care is the art of taking care of the inflamed pulp, cleaning it and making sure that the space is filled and sealed. After this, you are should return to the dentist to get your crown checked and fixed. Endodontic procedures deal with the inside of the tooth. Most professional dentists have knowledge of how to conduct this procedure. However, they prefer to send patients to endodontic experts.  The overall procedure can be done in one or two visits. It is a sure way of making your pain and discomfort disappear plus maintain your dental health.


Can all teeth be saved?


The working theory is that all teeth can be saved, but there are exceptions to the rule. The circumstances where the tooth cannot be saved include:


If the root canal of the tooth is completely inaccessible


When the root of the tooth is damaged severely


There is no proper bone structure support around the tooth 


There are options available so you need not despair. If the common Endodontic Care procedure is inadequate, there is Endodontic surgery available. Advancement in the field of Endodontic is making it possible to save teeth previously thought to be a lost cause.


Why you need Endodontic professionals?


As stated earlier all dentist are trained in the art of Endodontic. However, there are professionals who only specialize in practicing this procedure. They are certified dentist with additional 2 years training in the field of Endodontic.  Their specialty is routine and complex Endodontic procedures only. This is why you need their services. You will not get any better Endodontic procedures done by anyone else.


Why would you turn to Endodontic Care?


An inflamed pulp in your teeth will case you pain. Infection in the pulp will bring you pain. Tooth pain is very uncomfortable and you will be looking for solutions fast.


The cause of the infection or inflammation can be decay, cracked teeth, or poorly done dental procedures. You do not want to ignore this inflammation of the pulp for it can lead to abscess (which brings with it a whole new set of complication).

Pain, what about pain during the procedure?


You are in luck because modern techniques in Endodontic Care mean that the procedure has become more 'tooth-friendly' and pain free. You will be given anesthesia to numb the region during the procedure. There may be some sensitivity a few days after the procedure, which can be addressed fast with OCT medication and prescriptions. After the procedure, all you have to do is to take care of your mouth. This means brushing your teeth regularly and having checkups routinely. Flossing is also recommended. There is no need to suffer pain and discomfort in secrecy when there is an option available.


When it comes to Endodontic Care, you really cannot do much better than Dr. Josef Mamaliger and Dr. Vadim Lebovich. He is a professional who specializes in endodontic procedures. This means that you are in good hands. With his services, you will be able to restore your teeth to their former glory and function.