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Restorative dentistry refers to the dentistry branch dealing with tooth restoration. The restoration handles damaged teeth due to any reason such as infection, accident or age. The restorative procedures involve numerous steps.


The options of treatment are given to the patients after the medical and dental history is evaluated by the dentist. The teeth here are restored as the original form by dental implants and veneers. The restorative procedures include:


Teeth Whitening procedures: This is designed especially to whiten your teeth. Commonly, teeth become discolored owing to mineral deficiencies, food consumption such as coffee or tea in excessive amounts, smoking and certain illness. Regardless of the discoloration cause, the teeth whitening procedures are effective in restoring the tooth color shade. Newer techniques include laser teeth whitening where a special bleaching agent is used that are sensitive to laser light. This can be expensive, but are effective and recommended.


Dental Veneers and Lumineers: These are thin porcelain strips cemented to the tooth and are effective in restoring appearance in dental conditions such as discolored or chipped teeth, broken and misaligned. Lumineers are also in porcelain and are a type of veneer. They are cheaper and involve a simpler procedure.


Dental Implants: These are common restorative dentistry procedures. The implants are made using titanium and are used in replacing missing teeth. Titanium implants are stable as they are between the bone and the implant. The other dental implant types are not much popular.


Restorative Dentistry offers comprehensive restoration to patients suffering from oral health problems. These overlap with cosmetic dentistry procedures and are designed to give a natural feel. The procedures are common and involve the treatment and diagnosis of gum condition, teeth, jaw and face portions.


The other common restorative dentistry procedures include:


Dental Crowns: They are used to hide chipped, cracked or damaged teeth or to restore teeth. They cup the tooth portion that is on and above the gum line. This is done by matching your teeth color to give a natural feel and look.


Bridgework & Crown: Crowns & Bridges are prepared using high quality materials such as porcelain or a combination of two semi or precious metals. This is a device anchored as bridgework to replace a natural look. Your dentist will consider the function, esthetics and tissue compatibility, before deciding the material for your teeth.


Esthetic Fillings: Modern dental technologies use bonds of hard plastic that hold the tooth together.


Micro Dentistry and Air Abrasion: The technology used in air abrasion involves using aluminum oxide as fine powder to blast small cavities. This process eliminates the anesthetic need. The decay in the teeth is also removed using conservative treatment, so that the tooth structure is conserved.


Cosmetic Dentures: Dentures assist in replacing missing teeth and can be used where several teeth needs replacement. The dentures types are called partials and are an alternative to people wishing to conserve the healthy teeth, besides this prevents sagging facial look./


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