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Root Canal Encino – An Overview of Root Canal Treatment Procedure


A severe root canal problem has the capability to make one's life upside down. This highly uncomfortable tooth problem is associated with an infected pulp or decayed tooth and can trigger chronic pain if it is left untreated. Root canal treatment is undertaken to solve this very common issue. To be more specific, root canal is the term used to describe the natural cavity that resides within the center of a tooth. It is comprised of few nerves and pulp that are very important and offer lots of help during the tooth's growth and development. However, the pulp or nerves have no such significance once the tooth gets matured. During the treatment, the nerves and pulp are removed to stop the spread of infection. 


If the problem persists for a longer period of time, the condition can get worse, as the infection starts to spread to the tissues surrounding the tooth. A root canal treatment procedure may require more than one clinic visit, as dentists need time to analyze the complexity of the problem.


A Step-by-step Guide on Root Canal Treatment


The first step of the treatment procedure involves a detailed diagnosis of the condition. Dentists will take an X-ray image to see the actual shape of the root canal. This process will help them determine if the surrounding bones have been infected already or not. Since the nerves in the root canal are already damaged or dead, anesthesia of the surrounding area of the tooth may not be required during the procedure. However, some practitioners may use local anesthesia to numb the area surrounding the infected zone to help the patients get stabilized and make them feel more relaxed or comfortable.


In the next stage, dentists place a rubber dam around the tooth to keep the area more dry and saliva free.


Dentists then drill an access hole into the teeth. This is done to remove the pulp, decayed tooth nerves and make the tooth free from other debris. After this, the dentists use root canal files to clean the sides of the holes. One might require rinsing the mouth periodically with water or sodium hypochlorite to clear all the debris.


After the whole cleaning process is finished, dentists make an initiative to seal the tooth. Dentists prefer sealing the tooth on the same day it is cleaned. But few dentists may opt to do the sealing work after a couple of days in case there is an infection. However, to minimize the chances of any contamination or food accumulation, the dentists place a temporary seal in the tooth. Professionals generally use a sealer paste to seal the root canal.


A patient may require to make additional visits to the clinic to restore the functions of the tooth. Dentists will prescribe what else can be done to protect and maintain the functions of the tooth. Basically, root canal is the treatment that is used to save a highly damaged or infected tooth. However, it is very important that one should seek experienced help to recover well. An experienced and skilled professional is trained to perform the whole task efficiently. Dr. Josef Mamaliger and Dr. Vadim Lebovich is recognized as one of the best professionals in this field. A person looking for a highly reliable help should definitely contact this dental expert.