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Generally people will avoid visiting a dentist due to the horror movies they saw on TV and in many cases due to some bad memories they had in childhood that managed to stay with them even after they reached adulthood. In truth these types of people are not the only ones who have horror movies popping up in their heads when thinking about going to a dentist. As of a few years now though, such patients can stop worrying about these things, because now they can take advantage of what is called "Sedation Dentistry".


What this procedure does is that it relaxes and at the same time calms patients down before the dental treatment begins, so they will not feel any pain during the procedure and in some cases, they will be fully asleep and won't remember a thing. There are practically three types of sedation dentists can use at people's request and they number in a descending order:


a) Deep sedation – When this type of sedation is used, the patient falls asleep and is unconscious for the entire duration of the procedure.


b) Moderate sedation – Because using this type of sedation the patient will be very relaxed, he will only get to respond when the dentist will stimulate him./


c) Basic sedation – Even though being relaxed, patients are still able of responding to verbal or physical stimulation.


Procedures performed using Sedation Dentistry


Many people are curious about the types of procedures they can undergo using Sedation Dentistry and the answer is simple. Regardless of the dental procedure people will go through, they should know that they can use this type of sedation for anything ranging from extractions, fillings, dental implants and so forth. The rule by which sedation is applied is if patients are completely healthy and they don't have any conditions or diseases that might interact with the sedation.


Generally patients will request sedation dentistry to be performed when they will have a veneers put on, when they will get dental implants and even when they will want to have a tooth extracted or have tartar removed. For instance fitting veneers requires the dental specialist to ground the teeth and shape them which means that patients can feel some degree of pain. If they have sensitive teeth, the pain levels can increase a lot, which will make them feel very uncomfortable.


And when it comes to dental implants, they require a high level of skill and experience from the dentist and due to their nature, they will involve pain so that is why it's required patients are sedated before the actual procedure. After it will be over, the patients will not remember anything (depending on the type of sedation administered) and they'll be able to go home and rest.


Sedation Dentistry offers plenty of benefits to those who want to go through any type of dental procedure with no pain at all. As such, individuals who require dental work to be done, should get in touch with Dr. Josef Mamaliger and Dr. Vadim Lebovich. With plenty of years of experience behind him, very professional and experienced staff and the latest dental equipment on the market, results for patients are nothing short of amazing!