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Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that helps to restore or brighten teeth color. Many people visit their regular dentists for teeth whitening or bleaching. The cosmetic dentists specialize in the area of teeth and dental aesthetics and so are best suited for the job.


It is good for you to understand the procedure before you make a decision to make your teeth whiter. Teeth that have been discoloured by flourine, food or tobacco can be restored to their former glory by bleaching. The common methods of bleaching include brushing using special toothpaste, bleaching strips, gels or pen. These are easy to use at home but there are also special whitening procedures that can only be done by an expert dentist. Before you start the procedure, it is necessary to have your dentals checked and inspected to assure the doctor that it is safe to perform the procedure. The dentist checks for any anomalies in the gum or teeth and for any sensitivity or allergies. Once you pass the checkup then you can have your teeth bleached. Teeth whitening or bleaching agents contain carbamide peroxide which mixes with water or saliva to form hydrogen peroxide. Substantial concentration of this exposed to the enamel will penetrate its rod like structure to be deposited in the dentine where it removes stubborn stains. There are different shades that may very from two to eight. You choose the best hue for yourself.


At the dentists, you will have to wear protective layers on the gums and tips to prevent any chemical burns. The bleaching gel is then carefully applied to the tooth surface and left to sit for some time. The process may be accelerated by use of halogen light, plasma, or LED ligts. This helps to increase the rate of penetration of hydrogen peroxide.  Apart from doing it at home or the dentists, you can opt for a longer more complicated procedure. This is high risk and can only be done by a duly certified professional. The internal tooth whitening procedure is done for those who have gone through root canal procedures. The fluids leak onto the enamel leaving teeth badly stained. The qualified dentist will drill a hole into the pulp chamber, clean it, and fill it with rubberlike substances and peroxide gel. The gel bleaches the roots from inside out. This is also popularly called the 'walking bleach'.


Natural substances like malic acid from fruits, baking soda , goat milk and urine are said to be teeth whitening agents. Care should be taken not to expose the enamel to very harsh substances. Teeth bleaching procedures gone wrong can have nasty side effects. One may experience pain or swelling of gum due to chemical burns. Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold things may also increase as well as overbleaching. Be careful to find a reputable cosmetic dentist who can carry out the procedure. Dr. Josef Mamaliger and Dr. Vadim Lebovichis a highly experienced dentist who has been lauded by many as the dentist to see for a perfect teethwhitening procedure.