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Periodontal Exam

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Teeth Are some of the tiniest parts of the body but very important. Someone having a tooth ache may be compared to an infant since they can do actually nothing unless immediate treatment is sought. One very important thing people should note is the fact that once someone starts experiencing pain, there is no pain killer and the only option may include the need to have the tooth knocked off or undergo any relevant dental procedure. Dentists worldwide always approve the fact that all teeth have a function in the mouth. Having to tamper with the initial makeup adversely affects the whole functioning of the mouth . This is because teeth do not get replaced as other cells of the body, you always have to adapt. Some people are forced to stop eating their best meals; others are made incapable of eating certain foods while others even suffer changes in facial appearances all related to the teeth. This and others are the reasons why dentists always advice every able human to have periodic examinations conducted by their dentists.


These periodic examinations are to be conducted in spans of six months for a healthy person. For people with complications, it is advisable to see the dentist in the period's advised by the dentist. It is during such visits that proper cleaning of the mouth is conducted. This process is scientific and way over the common brushing of the teeth. The gum is also cleaned other than the teeth, residue that could not be removed with a toothbrush is also washed away. The dentists also introduce fluoride treatment which strengthens the gum area and the teeth. Incase there are cases of future teeth related ailments; the dentist also gets to assess the situation and therefore advice accordingly. Most people have owed their teeth success stories to periodic dental examinations. Research has proved that approximately 90 percent of such clients get to avoid future tooth related ailments which is incredible.


Here is a procedure for treating the root canal. Just like other procedures, the root canal procedure of medication entails a series of steps unique for the procedure. To understand the damage caused is important for the dentist. This condition is normally caused by a cavity that has eaten into the tooth damaging the root canal leading to some pain experienced from the root.


1. Anesthetic is injected to the area making the place numb. It takes a period of approximately ten minutes' for the area to get numb.


2. A dent is then made through the tooth in the direction of the pulp chamber.


3. The affected area is cleaned. A choice of special files is selected to continually clean and file the area for easier filling.


4. The area is filled. The material used to fill the area is well known to dentists and has the characteristic of permanence.


5. Another layer of filling material is placed only that this layer is temporary. The affected crown can then be replaced.


Note that at times, depending on the damage done, support can be given to the root before crowning the tooth. For all dental procedures other than treatment for the root canal, D. Josef Mamaliger and Dr. Vadim Lebovich has been rated as one of the best option