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Cosmetic fillings Encino

People experiencing dental problems should consider visiting a professional dentist at the soonest. The fact is that most of the times individuals will prefer to avoid scheduling a visit to the dentist because of certain fears, yet this will only make their problems aggravate. The most general reason for delving into the services of a dentist though lie in the Cosmetic Fillings. These are special fillings that ensure anyone who has chipped, cracked or generally bad teeth can make them look like "new" once again.

Steps for filling teeth


While on the chair at their favorite dental clinic, patients will be administered a local anesthetic which has the role of numbing the area where the dentist will work on. The next step involves cleaning the site and it involves the dentist using a laser instrument, air abrasion instrument or a drill in order. The instrument generally depends on the available equipment in the dental cabinet and if it's a state of the art cabinet, people can be sure the dentist will use the best one. Of course, a factor which may influence the type of instrument chosen for the task is the extend and location of the decay.


After this step, the dentist will test or probe the area to make sure it has been properly cleaned from decay. In some cases the decayed areas might be too close to a root and in such scenarios, the dentist will use a liner made out of composite resin, glass ionomer or any other material. By doing so, during the whole process the nerve will be fully protected. Next, the filling is going to be applied and the dentist will polish the area.


For speeding up the process, when the filling material is used to cement the hole in the tooth, a UV light is used for the material to harden faster. It's a multi layering process and after this is over with, the dentist moves on to the next step which involves shaping the tooth so the person can have a good and healthy bite.


Filling Materials Available


There are plenty of materials people can choose from in this regard. They number porcelain, gold, glass and plastic materials usually known as composite resin fillings and the good old silver amalgam.


In some cases though it seems that people prefer going with cast gold because it has a very good durability ranging between 10 and 15 years and compared to silver it has better strength and aesthetics. There's also a disadvantage here which is obviously the price and that overall, it's not pleasant from an aesthetic point of view.


For a cheaper dental filling, amalgams are a good choice. Compared to composite fillings, they are much cheaper and can withstand great chewing forces.


On the other hand, if people choose to go with tooth colored composite fillings, the main advantages is that they bond chemically to the tooth, they are versatile and don't require for great parts of the tooth structure to be removed. It seems though that for a better aesthetic appeal, ceramic is the best option for some. The costs for such fillings are high, but the advantages is that they can last up to 15 years and they also resemble the natural color of the tooth.


With that being said, those who need Cosmetic Fillings, should get in touch with Dr. Josef Mamaliger and Dr. Vadim Lebovich. He is specialized in such procedures and guarantees maximum customer satisfaction and affordable prices. His staff is also very friendly and will help people enjoy a comfortable procedure all the way!