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Oral surgery Encino

All humans are aware of the grave pain that accompanies oral problems, and no individual will sensibly want an incompetent dentist to treat him/her. Below, you'll find a concise description of the procedures that oral surgery encompasses, and a candid recommendation of one of the best dentists you can confidently employ the services of in this part of the world.


Oral Surgery Procedures

Oral surgery is a general term for specific surgical procedures, all of which are useful in curing particular disorders and injuries. Some of them are mentioned hereafter, along with a simple explanation of how a typical dentist would carry them out.


1. Jaw Surgery: Jaw surgery is normally warranted by a condition where the patient's teeth are unable to fit properly in his/her jaws, or a misalignment of the jaws. Some of the problems that could arise from jaw problems include: difficulty in breathing and speech, inability to swallow and chew properly, dwindling oral health, and unusual outward appearance around the mouth area. Jaw surgery begins with an utter examination utilizing an X-ray, which is then followed by orthodontic procedures.


2. Wisdom Teeth Removal: It would cause some controversy if the removal of wisdom teeth was emphasized. Although it's not necessary, someone has to remove his/her wisdom teeth if they start causing problems, pains, and oral discomfort, such as: growth of harmful organisms on the teeth, swelling of the gums, misalignment of other teeth in the mouth, damaging of the jaw bones, etc. All these problems occur when someone's wisdom teeth fail to grow properly. The removal process occurs in this order: X-ray examination, anesthetization, removal of the teeth and suturing of the gum, and prescription of post-treatment drugs.


3. Repairment of Facial Disorders: Injurious incidents such as car accidents, fierce fights, falls from a considerable height, etc. are all causes of facial disorders, specifically fractured bones and jaws, ejected teeth, and lacerations. Treating these disorders requires the use of various methods, such as wiring and joining the teeth together, fixing lost teeth back into their sockets, dental implants when fixing an ejected tooth becomes impossible, use of screws and small plates, etc.


In many cases, rehabilitation will also be incorporated into the treatment process for the mere fact that many victims of the aforesaid causes of facial disorders are usually traumatized by their unfortunate experience.


4. Pathology: Sometimes the color of the soft and pink skin in the mouth changes to an odd color, and whenever this happens, it's usually a denotion of an imminent disease of some sort, especially cancer. There are several signs that indicate the necessariness of an oral pathological examination, some of which are: inability to swallow and chew comfortably, persistent soreness in the throat, gradual thickening of the lining in the mouth, and presence of patches having a color similar to red or white. An unexpected feeling of pain in the mouth can also be a sign of oral disease or cancer.


Recommendation of a Proficient Dentist


It's crucial that dental or oral issues are reported to a dentist immediately and spontaneously whenever problems develop. Dr. Josef Mamaliger and Dr. Vadim Lebovich are one of the best and highly competent dentists you can trust in terms of oral surgery for the problems mentioned above, and even the ones not mentioned in this article. Call Encino Dental today and have the beautiful smile you always wanted.