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Loosing teeth in childhood is a normal occurrence but not so in adulthood. For a child it is natural to lose milk teeth which are then replaced by permanent teeth. For an adult however if you lose any of your permanent teeth, they cannot grow back naturally. You could lose a tooth or a few teeth as a result of cavities or even in an accident; whichever the case the solution to this unpleasant issue is artificial tooth replacement.


When you lose a tooth it is important that you approach a dentist as soon as possible so that you can be provided with suitable replacement options according to your specific situation. A quick fix solution for lost teeth especially those located in the front is the use of partial dentures. These dentures are simply placed in the gap created after some teeth have been lost and are held in place by being attached to the adjacent real teeth.


The reason why people might be quick to go for partial dentures after losing a tooth is because they are quite affordable. Partial dentures are however not the best solution for lost teeth and this is because they have to be removed before going to bed, after eating and when they need to be cleaned. Also, because they are attached to the adjacent teeth there is a risk of damaging these natural teeth and this is why most dentists rarely recommend this particular option.

Another solution is the use of acid-etched bridges which are basically made in a lab from a patient's teeth impression. This is not a permanent solution and in most cases the bridges last between two and five years after which they need to be replaced. In some cases, acid-etched bridges can last for up to ten years. This procedure is quite affordable and relatively effective.


The best tooth replacement solution is the use of dental implants which are mostly made from titanium. What basically happens in this case is that the dentist drills into the jaw bone right where the lost tooth used to sit and places the implant in there. The results are very satisfactory since the implant actually feels like a real tooth and therefore the patient usually feels no discomfort whatsoever. The titanium implant can last for a very long time without presenting any issues and for this reason it is quite costly. Regardless of titanium being a metal, one can still go for MRIs and walk through airport alarm systems without any issues.


Today, the most recommended method of replacing lost teeth is by using implants. As mentioned, the reason behind this is because they are long lasting and have a very high success rate (95 percent). The only problem that might arise in some patients is the lack of enough bone for the placement of the implant and also it might take quite a while for complete healing to occur.


When it comes to tooth replacement, Dr. Josef Mamaliger and Dr. Vadim Lebovich are the most qualified dentists. He has a wealth of experience in the field; needless to say all his patients are usually fully satisfied with the services that he provides.